Saturday, November 21, 2009

Studio bliss and a cup of tea

You say 'messy'... I say 'creative space'?

Down in the basement, nestled behind the staircase closet, and past the extra bath is a small room. It is messy and cold, cluttered and disorganized. It smells of oil, dust, chemicals and old candles. But it is also filled with treasures: rocks and post cards, watch parts and broken china, a soldier's course of stained glass sheets, coils of reclaimed wire and tools of every kind.

There's an antique enamel table that sways under the weight of two small kilns, it's little doors ajar. At the entrance, an exterior beveled sidelight creates a splashy, oily show of whooshing rainbows. It was that sidelight, found at a junk shop off a back country road, that inspired this room. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it, and Steve (my wonderful, supportive husband) crammed it in our mini-van, along with three little boys in three car seats and we drove it to our new home. It sat in a corner for four years. And then we finished the basement. The guy who did the remodel was incredulous, but I was insistent. It was my find. For my room. For my studio.

And it is simply fabulous.

My studio is like an old cherished friend. I don't spend nearly enough time in her presence, even though it fills me, nourishes me and uplifts me. I love being in there. I do more in my studio than make things. I take a step back. I sing songs from my youth, really loud. I burn candles: rose, patchouli, cinnamon. I pass incredible amounts of time just looking at things. Touching things. Thinking about things.

I've discovered all sorts of things in this room. Some about art. More about me.

This blog will explore the creative process, from design idea to finished product. And in doing so, we will also explore the human process: the beautiful, the strong, the tragic and the interesting. Grab of cup of tea and let's go down to my studio for a minute.
The soldier's course of stained glass

So many spoons... so little time!