Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

As much as I am passionate about creating art, I also love hunting for art or objects d’art or well, just weird stuff- especially in the most unlikely of places. The dirtier the shop, the better, and if I have to dig through greasy, dusty junk to look for treasure, I am one happy camper.

This morning I ventured out to a local antique shop that is so packed with boxes and furniture and all sorts of everything that I had to scoot sideways through the narrow aisles. Underneath a table, I found boxes that looked as if they had come directly from an auction -- many of the goodies were still in their yellowed newspaper wrappings. Interesting. After sorting through old license plates, tobacco pipes and costume jewelry I hit pay dirt.

junk art pictures1

This gorgeous little flower vase- in perfect condition- was resting against some old tea towels. “I must have this,” I thought to myself. Its coppery glaze and elegant shape would be perfect in my living room. I dug deeper, casting aside broken picture frames and holiday ornaments and found this small metal “thingy.”

junk art pictures3

It’s heavy, grimy and tarnished. Perfect so far. I have no idea what it is (the owner later confesses that he has no idea what it is either- awesome). I must have this too. I begin backing my way out the path, there is actually no room for turning around, and I spot this colorful box of …. Tags. Wow. In the original box. Made in Italy. And they are spectacular. Beautiful.

junk art pictures6

I have no idea what to do with them but they are so nice (perhaps thank you notes on some of my really special pieces). Must. Have. Them.

I gather my treasures and head toward the counter… On the way, I spot an old pocket watch (the kids will enjoy taking it apart). It’s mine too.

As soon as I saw the little metal thing I knew it would be perfect as a candle holder. I tried it this way:

junk art pictures10

No. How about this?

junk art pictures11

Nope. Or this?

junk art pictures12


Finally, I tried this:

junk art pictures14

Oh yes. Exactly. Best part of all, my treasures less than twelve dollars altogether. I couldn’t be happier if I found a pot of gold!