Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

As much as I am passionate about creating art, I also love hunting for art or objects d’art or well, just weird stuff- especially in the most unlikely of places. The dirtier the shop, the better, and if I have to dig through greasy, dusty junk to look for treasure, I am one happy camper.

This morning I ventured out to a local antique shop that is so packed with boxes and furniture and all sorts of everything that I had to scoot sideways through the narrow aisles. Underneath a table, I found boxes that looked as if they had come directly from an auction -- many of the goodies were still in their yellowed newspaper wrappings. Interesting. After sorting through old license plates, tobacco pipes and costume jewelry I hit pay dirt.

junk art pictures1

This gorgeous little flower vase- in perfect condition- was resting against some old tea towels. “I must have this,” I thought to myself. Its coppery glaze and elegant shape would be perfect in my living room. I dug deeper, casting aside broken picture frames and holiday ornaments and found this small metal “thingy.”

junk art pictures3

It’s heavy, grimy and tarnished. Perfect so far. I have no idea what it is (the owner later confesses that he has no idea what it is either- awesome). I must have this too. I begin backing my way out the path, there is actually no room for turning around, and I spot this colorful box of …. Tags. Wow. In the original box. Made in Italy. And they are spectacular. Beautiful.

junk art pictures6

I have no idea what to do with them but they are so nice (perhaps thank you notes on some of my really special pieces). Must. Have. Them.

I gather my treasures and head toward the counter… On the way, I spot an old pocket watch (the kids will enjoy taking it apart). It’s mine too.

As soon as I saw the little metal thing I knew it would be perfect as a candle holder. I tried it this way:

junk art pictures10

No. How about this?

junk art pictures11

Nope. Or this?

junk art pictures12


Finally, I tried this:

junk art pictures14

Oh yes. Exactly. Best part of all, my treasures less than twelve dollars altogether. I couldn’t be happier if I found a pot of gold!


  1. Fun, fun! Pud and I like to poke in flea markets and antique shops. Is it weird that we like their smell?

  2. Yes, that smell is so distinctive. I love it too! Its like when you pull open the door and you are bathed in that smell, you know there's going to be good stuff inside!
    PS-I would love to spend a summer weekend with you all and do some flea mkts and antique stores.

  3. Oh, that sounds like such fun. I wonder what that "things" is, but it did look just right with the crystal candle holder. I would say you were quite careful nin only buying these items.

  4. I have no idea what it actually is... perhaps one side of an old twine dispenser -- like you would find at a general store counter. I like what it is doing now though. I WAS very disciplined but I WILL be going back!

  5. I can relate-I call myself a junquie...a bit classier than the obvious, but still determined-I agree with your choice of candle holder-it reflects back on the original metal 'stripes'...could be wrong, but that looks like an old car part to me...hmmmm..happy hunting!

  6. An old car part?... That would be awesome! Who knows- I totally love it. I am decorating an entire little area based on it- old metals, glass, coolness ... The bad thing is that now I want another one, or a few of them, they would make a great artsy statement all clustered together.
    Perhaps I'll be hunting in entirely new places now!
    Thanks for touching base!

  7. these tags we found in Siena Italy in a cobbled street a few years back now - a little shop that made books and beautiful calligraphy - I think a florentine design - use them - don't just put them in a drawer