Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Guest Bedroom Dream


Aren’t dreams awesome? I wish I could remember all my dreams—they are so bizarre. The other night I had a particularly vivid dream that I was able to recall when I awoke.

It is told in fits and starts, the way it came back to me.

We’re riding in the car, all 5 of us. We are driving through a field with enormous houses scattered about on either side of the road. Like a golf course community, but only 10 times more grandiose. We pass one house that looks as if three homes have been attached together. I am taken by the beautiful decks that connect the parts of the home.

We continue driving until we arrive at a massive all brick home. It is the size of a large high school. It could fill an entire acre of land.

We are now in the guest bedroom where we will be staying. All 5 of us. The room itself is larger than the footprint of our current house. There is a family of deer in the room. The fawn walks by me while I am sitting in an office chair. She puts her little front hooves on my lap. She looks up at me and bleats like a goat. I say we should name her Bambi. The buck comes over and nudges her along. They casually leave the area, but they do not leave the room.

There are people working here. In this guest bedroom. With the deer. A young woman in a business suit sits at a desk. The desk is huge. Like two banquet tables at a 90 degree angle. She only has a framed picture on one side and a spilled drink on the other. She walks into the office of two male employees. I take note of her shoes. Plain pumps.

I’m in my husband’s tattered old pajamas and my hair is disheveled and dirty. We will be joining the owners soon and I am aware that I look rather unfortunate. I gather some of my hair in a scrunchie. I point out to my husband that I have not merely donned a pony-tail, but have pulled back a simple, flattering amount of hair. I say I don’t want them to think I’m poor.

Our dog is also in the bedroom. I’m worried because he has no tags. He might chase after the deer and run away. In this really big guest room.

Perhaps this is why I cut the heads off of spoons and grind glass when I’m awake.

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  1. Wow, there's so much packed into this dream...I wish I was a dream analyst to uncover all the cool layers! Welcome to Indie Junction!! Have been visiting your sites and love your work!
    Zur Designs

  2. Thanks Deb,
    Well, I suppose we shouldn't tug at that little string of dream analysis! They might take away my sharp and pointy tools!
    PS- I totally love Indie Junction!