Sunday, December 22, 2013

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

We were both at our respective parties, but with only days left before Christmas, a meeting had to occur. I left my party with her party address in my phone's navigation system.  Driving carefully through the dense fog I traveled deep across county lines, along unfamiliar, dark country roads until I finally arrived at the entrance of a beautiful neighborhood. Stately old homes, resplendent in their holiday decorations, bid me welcome.  Finding the party house was easy, even without my GPS, there were dozens of cars lining the street.  I dialed her number. No answer. I waited. Dialed again. Waited some more. I could imagine her purse, dumped by the front door upon her arrival ... humming with my calls and voice mails. I finally approached the front door, the music and cheer spilling out onto the sidewalk.  I tentatively rang the bell and stood before the grand double doors. Moments later a tiny, white haired woman threw open those doors with gusto, and greeted me with a flourish, "She's here!" she exclaimed. 

My customer made her way through the crowd and I handed her the little box. I watched her carefully remove the lid and then saw her face lite up with childish delight.  She was absolutely thrilled!

We exchanged hugs and warm holiday sentiments and then I left to return to my party, my heart filled with holiday cheer. Once again, an adventure and a blessing had been given to me on this holiday party night.

Merry Christmas!

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